Harvard University Job Outcomes: MBA Placement Package, Salary & Internships

The Harvard University placement for MBA graduates has improved from last year. According to the Harvard Business School’s Career Data available on its website, 73% of MBA graduates were available for employment in 2022, and 71% in 2023. The Harvard Business School’s placements for 2023 showed that 86% MBA graduates were offered jobs, and 80% accepted them. The median MBA graduates’ base salary was USD 175,000 (INR 1.5 Crore) in 2023, and the median MBA signing bonus was USD 30,000(INR 25 L) in 2023 (57% Accepted). The Harvard University’s top recruiters for 2023 were Adobe, Air France, Apple, Amazon, Bain & Company, Ebay, Facebook, Google, etc.

Harvard Business School Placement Highlights 2023

Harvard Business School Placement 2023 shows that 73% of the students are qualified for the placements and 80% of the students were offered the job. The total cost of the Harvard University MBA Placement package is $175,000 or $1.5,000,000 (USD 1 is equal to INR 83,02). The following table shows the highlights of the Harvard MBA Placement 2023:

Harvard Business School Employment Profile 

Given below is the data for students after graduating from Harvard Business School.

  • 73% of students sought employment
  • 86% of students received an offer
  • 80% accepted the employment offer
  • 89% of students were employed in the U.S.
  • 11% of students were employed internationally at locations like Asia, Australia & Oceania, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Middle East & North Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa

A total of 27% of students did not seek employment. The bifurcation in the category of students who did not seek employment is given below:

  • 13% started their own business
  • 11% of students were already employed
  • 3% of students belonged to other categories
  • 1% were continuing education
  • 0% postponed job search

Harvard University job outcomes by industry

The Harvard Business School (HBS) graduates went into the following industries:

Private Equity
Venture Capital
Health Care
Check out the industry-specific statistics below:

Career Services at Harvard Business School
In order to meet each person’s needs, HBS Career and Professional Development (CPD) strives to offer a variety of resources. Several tools are available to support professional development, including:

A committed group: CPD assists students in realising their distinct career aspirations. By offering activities to students and cultivating beneficial employer relationships for the HBS network, it mentors students.
Skilled coaches: Students have access to over 60 career coaches who are qualified to assist them throughout their career trajectory, in addition to the CPD team. These mentors may assist students with creating cover letters and resumes, getting ready for interviews, and expanding their network.
Company relationships: Every year, CPD collaborates with over 1,400 businesses to post jobs

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