All 10 Ariana Grande Perfumes, Ranked For 2023

Welcome to the olfactory wonderland of Ariana Grande’s perfumes! In the world of fragrances,

Ariana Grande has carved out her niche, offering an enticing range of scents that captivate the senses.

As we step into 2023, let’s take a delightful stroll through all ten of her enchanting perfumes,

each a unique olfactory masterpiece. Get ready to embark on a fragrant journey like no other!

1. Cloud: A Whiff of Heavenly Bliss

Dive into the clouds with Ariana’s first fragrance, “Cloud.” This heavenly scent combines lavender, pear,

and coconut, creating a celestial blend that lingers delicately on the skin.

With its dreamy and comforting notes,

it’s no wonder “Cloud” often tops the list of Ariana’s best-loved perfumes.

2. Thank U, Next: Embracing Empowerment in a Bottle

“Thank U, Next” isn’t just a hit song; it’s also a fragrance that embodies strength and empowerment.

With a mix of juicy fruits, rose petals, and velvety musk,

this perfume is a celebration of moving forward and embracing life’s next chapter.

Spritz it on and let the scent of resilience accompany you throughout the day.

3. R.E.M.: Cosmic Dreams in a Bottle

Inspired by Ariana’s fascination with the cosmos, “R.E.M.” takes you on a journey through a celestial dreamscape.

This fragrance, with its notes of fig, salted caramel, and lavender,

creates an otherworldly experience.

It’s a reminder that, just like the stars, you too can shine brightly.

4. Sweet Like Candy: A Confectionery Delight

Indulge your sweet tooth with “Sweet Like Candy.”

This perfume, with its blend of berries, marshmallow, and vanilla,

is a delectable treat for the senses. It’s like wrapping yourself in a cozy blanket of sugary goodness,

making it a perfect scent for those who crave a touch of sweetness.

5. Ari: Captivating Elegance in a Bottle

“Ari” is an embodiment of elegance and sophistication. With sparkling fruits, rose, and musk,

this fragrance strikes a perfect balance between freshness and warmth.

Spritz it on for a touch of refined glamour,

whether you’re headed to a social event or a cozy night in.

6. Moonlight: A Romantic Serenade

As the name suggests, “Moonlight” is a romantic symphony in a bottle.

The blend of rich florals, blackcurrant,

and praline creates an alluring fragrance that’s perfect for date nights and intimate moments.

Let the moonlight guide you through an enchanting evening.

7. God Is a Woman: Sensual and Divine

“God Is a Woman” is a testament to sensuality and divinity. With notes of bergamot, marshmallow,

and musk, this fragrance is a bold statement that lingers in the air.

It’s a scent that embraces femininity and encourages you to revel in your own power and allure.

8. Luxe: Opulence in Every Drop

“Luxe” is Ariana’s foray into opulence. With hints of pear, wild orchid, and cedarwood,

this perfume exudes luxury.

It’s a scent for those who appreciate the finer things in life

and want to carry an air of sophistication wherever they go.

9. Goddess: Channeling Your Inner Divinity

Unleash your inner goddess with this empowering fragrance.

“Goddess” combines vanilla orchid, coconut, and musk to create a scent that’s both alluring and empowering.

It’s a reminder that you are strong, confident, and deserving of all the good things life has to offer.

10. Sunshine: Bottled Joy and Radiance

Wrap yourself in sunshine with Ariana’s latest fragrance, “Sunshine.”

With a burst of bergamot, coconut, and vanilla, this scent is like a ray of light on a gloomy day.

It’s a celebration of joy, radiance, and the simple pleasures that make life beautiful.


In the realm of fragrances, Ariana Grande has curated a collection that is as diverse as it is captivating.

Each perfume tells a unique story,

offering a sensorial journey that reflects different facets of Ariana’s personality.

Whether you prefer the sweet embrace of “Sweet Like Candy”

or the cosmic dreams of “R.E.M.,”

there’s a fragrance for every mood and occasion in Ariana’s lineup.


Q: Which Ariana Grande perfume is the best for everyday wear?

A: “Cloud” is a popular choice for everyday wear,

thanks to its light and comforting notes that make it suitable for any occasion.

Q: Are Ariana Grande perfumes long-lasting?

A: Yes, most Ariana Grande perfumes have a long-lasting formula

that ensures you stay fragrant throughout the day.

Q: Can men wear Ariana Grande perfumes?

A: Absolutely! Fragrance is a personal choice, and many of Ariana’s scents are unisex,

appealing to a broad range of preferences.

Q: Which Ariana Grande perfume is the most romantic?

A: “Moonlight” is often considered the most romantic,

with its captivating blend of florals and praline.

Q: Do Ariana Grande perfumes come in travel sizes?

A: Yes, many of Ariana’s perfumes are available in travel-friendly sizes,

allowing you to take your favorite scent wherever you go.

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