All 10 Ariana Grande Perfumes, Ranked for 2023: A Fragrance Journey

In the world of celebrity fragrances,

Ariana Grande stands out as a powerhouse,

capturing hearts and noses with her unique line of perfumes.

As we step into 2023,

it’s the perfect time to explore the full spectrum of Ariana Grande’s olfactory creations.

From the sweet and sultry to the bold and confident,

each perfume tells a story, and in this article,

we’ll rank all 10 Ariana Grande perfumes for 2023.

1. Sweet Like Candy: A Sugary Overture

Ariana’s debut fragrance takes us on a journey of sweetness and innocence.

With notes of blackberry, bergamot, and vanilla,

“Sweet Like Candy” is a delightful symphony for those who crave a touch of sugary nostalgia.

2. Cloud: Where Dreams Take Flight

“Cloud” invites us to soar through the sky with its dreamy combination of lavender, coconut, and cashmere.

This ethereal fragrance captures the essence of daydreams and is perfect for those who want to feel light,

airy, and effortlessly chic.

3. Thank U, Next: Embracing Empowerment

A fragrance inspired by Ariana’s hit single,

“Thank U, Next” is all about moving forward with confidence.

With hints of white pear, raspberry, and coconut,

this perfume is a celebration of self-love and resilience.

4. R.E.M.: A Celestial Escape

Named after the popular song,

“R.E.M.” is a fragrance that transports us to a celestial realm.

Jasmine, quince, and sandalwood combine to create a scent that’s both otherworldly and grounded,

making it perfect for those who seek a touch of the extraordinary.

5. Ari: The Timeless Classic

“Ari” is a timeless classic in Ariana’s fragrance collection.

With luscious notes of grapefruit, pear, and vanilla orchid,

this perfume embodies the singer’s playful yet sophisticated style.

It’s a scent that transcends trends,

making it a must-have for any perfume aficionado.

6. Moonlight: A Subtle Elegance

“Moonlight” is Ariana’s ode to the romantic nights under the moon.

This fragrance, with its blend of black currant, plum,

and marshmallow, exudes a subtle and elegant charm.

It’s the perfect choice for those who appreciate a touch of mystery in their scent.

7. God Is A Woman: Unleashing Femininity

Inspired by Ariana’s powerful anthem,

“God Is A Woman,” this fragrance is a celebration of femininity.

Pomegranate, bergamot, and vanilla make for a bold and sensual combination.

Wear it to embrace your inner goddess and command attention.

8. Sweetener: Sugar-Coated Confidence

“Sweetener” is a fragrance that embodies the boldness and empowerment found in Ariana’s music.

Blackcurrant, marshmallow,

and vanilla mingle to create a scent that’s sweet yet confident.

It’s the olfactory equivalent of a burst of energy,

perfect for those who want to make a statement.

9. Frankie: A Sibling’s Touch

Named after Ariana’s brother, “Frankie” is a vibrant and energetic fragrance.

With notes of pink pepper, wild orchid, and musk,

this perfume is a playful expression of sibling love.

It’s a youthful and spirited scent that captures the essence of family bonds.

10. CLOUD Intense: Amplifying the Dream

Building on the success of the original “Cloud,”

the “Cloud Intense” takes the dreamy scent to new heights.

With a richer blend of lavender, coconut, and vanilla orchid,

this intensified version is perfect for those who want to make a bold fragrance statement.


In conclusion, Ariana Grande’s perfume collection is a testament to her versatility and creativity.

Each fragrance tells a unique story,

allowing fans to choose a scent that resonates with their personality and style.

Whether you’re drawn to the sweet and innocent or the bold and empowering,

Ariana’s perfumes offer a diverse range of olfactory experiences.


Q1: Are Ariana Grande perfumes suitable for everyday wear?

A: Absolutely! Ariana’s perfumes are designed for everyday use,

with options ranging from light and airy to bold and confident.

Q2: Which perfume is the best for a romantic evening out?

A: For a romantic evening,

“God Is A Woman” or “Moonlight” would be ideal,

as they exude sensuality and elegance.

Q3: Do Ariana Grande perfumes last all day?

A: The longevity of the fragrances varies,

but many of them have a good staying power,

especially when applied to pulse points.

Q4: Can I layer different Ariana Grande perfumes for a personalized scent?

A: Yes, experimenting with layering different Ariana Grande perfumes can create a unique and personalized fragrance experience.

Q5: Are Ariana Grande perfumes cruelty-free?

A: Yes, Ariana Grande perfumes are known for being cruelty-free,

reflecting the singer’s commitment to animal welfare.

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